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  1. I just found this face book page. My father, Bernard Tarr Jr was aboard the Franklin when the bomb hit. I am not sure of all the events that happened to him the moment the bomb hit, but I know he said he was on the bridge and was thrown to the deck, when he came to he returned to his duties, also he was one of the bridge personnel that talked to some trapped sailors, trying to keep them calm until they could be rescued, also he was one of a team that went aft and sealed themselves in a steering compartment to steer the ship by hand, receiving orders from the bridge as to what to do, not sure if he stayed onboard all the way to Pearl Harbor…after he came home to Ada Ohio he was interviewed by a couple of local papers and I have the articles, very interesting to read. He didn’t talk about the Franklin to us kids, me, (David), Mike and Ron, he was married all the rest of his life and raised a family.


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