Killed in Action

Big Ben’s Killed in Action

The following pages list the names of the 921 men who made the supreme sacrifice serving on the U.S.S. Franklin CV-13 in 1944 and 1945 and the dates they lost their lives.

The U.S.S. Franklin Ship’s Company

Marine Detachment

Air Group 5

Air Group 13


Black Sheep Squadron


Sky Raiders

Research courtesy Tom King, Updated April 15, 1995


Are you a relative of one of the heroes listed in the KIA pages?
I am Allan C. Edmands, Jr., the son of one of the KIAs in the foregoing list. I never knew my father, but after meeting several of the Franklin survivors, I have learned many details about him. I encourage you to meet Franklin survivors while they are still with us. You might learn details about your hero relative, or at least you will discover what kind of experiences he was having on this ship.

If you are interested, you can contact me.

5 thoughts on “Killed in Action

  1. Never got to know my Grandfather, nor did my mother. She was only 5 when he passed in 1945. His name was Andrew Jackson Schmidt. I have only two pictures of him anything you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your Time Victor Amann & My mother Roberta (Schmidt) Amann


  2. I am reading ‘So Long for Now’, written by Jerry L. Rogers, younger brother of KIA Elden Duane Rogers lovingly constructed using the letters that told the story of Elden’s service leading up to his death on March 19, 1945. It is beautifully written, very informative and I highly recommend this book.


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