Obituary, Arthur Dorsey Lapole, Sr.

Arthur Dorsey LaPole, 85, of West Ocean City passed away on 8 July 2012 at Coastal Hospice at the Lake. Arthur was born in Catonsville, and is the son of Charles LaPole and Irene Burall. He was preceeded in death by his wife and lifelong partner Esther. Arthur was a hardworking, simple and honest man and will be remembered by many with endearing nicknames including Reds, Art, Mr. Dorsey, Dorse, and Pike. Arthur’s satisfaction and contentment came from within; often with small anonymous and selfless deeds.

Arthur is survived by his three children and their families: JoAnn and Herb Butler, Arthur Jr., and Mark; his five grandchildren: Bradley, Todd, Amanda, Trae and Candace; and four great grandchildren: Lily, Luke, Kyle, and Zoe. Arthur is also survived by his brothers Charles and Thomas.

Arthur served in WWII aboard the aircraft carrier USS Franklin. Art was never one to complain about surviving the violent attack and near sinking of his ship, but clearly his approach to work, family and life were forever altered. During the war and throughout her life, he supported his single hardworking mother.

Arthur married Esther Connor in 1946, began his family and his long career in machinery design, production and servicing. He held positions at the Poole Foundry, Elicott Machine Company, and in the US federal government. Art’s passions included boating, fishing, woodworking, and teaching for the US Coast Guard.

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