Obituary, Robert Lee Tice

Robert Lee Tice

Robert Lee Tice, age 91, passed away July 30, 2015 in Bigfork, Montana where he had

made his home with his devoted wife Eve. Six days after Bob passed away Eve also

passed away in Bigfork. They were married May 22, 1943 in Detroit, Michigan. They

had been married for 72 wonderful years. They lived in southern California for many

years prior to moving to Montana.

Bob was born in Detroit on January 3, 1924. His wife, Eve Olkkonen, was born in Florida

Location, Michigan on August 7, 1924,

Bob was so proud of the United States Navy and of his service aboard the USS Franklin.

He spoke fondly of being a “Plank Owner” of the Franklin. He enjoyed the camaraderie

of his shipmates throughout the years after the war.

He owned many books and videos of the Navy and in particular the USS Franklin. He

was pleased to contribute his experiences in the book “Inferno” written by Joseph A.

Springer so that others would know of the ultimate sacrifice given by the sailors who

perished and of the heroism of those who remained to make the Franklin seaworthy and

sail her home.

May God Bless S1/c Robert Lee Tice.

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