USS Guam Website.

Mark Morrison, Owner/Administrator of the USS Guam (CB-2) Website reports that after having previously run the website many years ago, the website is now again in operation with the new name (.info).
The USS Guam accompanied the injured USS Franklin after the March 19, 1945 Attack.
From the Website
March 19, 1945.
Guam’s battle debut continues with five kamikaze attacks on the carriers. During this attack and continued air attacks during that day, a suicide plane crashed into Intrepid’s aft flight deck, and then plunged into the sea. Enterprise suffered a bomb hit near the island superstructure. Despite the damage, both Intrepid and Enterterprise continued to operate. The aircraft carrier Franklin(CV-13) was victim to two bomb hits, and Wasp (CV-7) received bomb hits as well. Guam managed to destroy four of the enemy planes.Guam is assigned to Task Unit 58.2.9, a salvage unit ordered to escort the damaged Franklin from the combat area. This unit was composed of cruisers Guam, Alaska, Pittsburgh and Santa Fe (CL-60) and three destroyer divisions.
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