2014 Reunion to be celebrated in Norfolk Virginia.

Mr. Ron Williams and family have graciously volunteered to host the 2014 USS Franklin reunion next July in Norfolk Va.   This is done in honor of their father, Franklin crew member Jim Lyons.  We look forward to seeing everybody next July.  Please check back to the website for more specific information.

4 thoughts on “2014 Reunion to be celebrated in Norfolk Virginia.

  1. Mr. Williams, my dad was aboard the Franklin when it was hit off the coast of Japan. He is currently 87 and living in Aurora, CO. If I can be of any assistance with the reunion effort, please let me know. I reside in Virginia Beach, VA and would be willing to lend my assistance, as limited as it my be, to this effort. You can contact me via email.
    Thanks, Garry Butts


    • golfnut757

      We have done this before and things are going well. Do you get a news letter? If not let me know and I will give you the itinerary.
      e-mail kandrwilliams@verizon .net Ron Williams


  2. Mr. Williams,

    There is an SB2C Helldiver ( airplane) painted in the Frainklin colors flown by the Commerative Air Force in Houston.

    I talked the the pilot, Col. Ed “Echo” Vesely who said that he would very much like to bring the plane to the next Franklin reunion.

    You can contact him at “aviatored@comcast.net.

    Please contact me at kwikrick@outdrs.net if I can be of any assistance.

    My Father- in -law William LLoyd was a crew member.




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