2014 Norfolk VA. Reunion registration.

Hello Friends,

Those of you who are on the USS Franklin Museum Association News Letter mailing list should have received a yellow insert in the Spring and Summer 2014 edition.  I received mine in the mail last week.

You can download a copy at this link: 2014 Franklin Reunion Registration

Highlights of the reunion include:

Thursday, July 17- Registration

Friday, July 18- Riding Norfolk City Tour, MacArthur Memorial, and Naval Station Norfolk with lunch served on base.  A memorial service will be held on an aircraft carrier, if one is available.  Otherwise the memorial service will be held on the USS Wisconsin.

Saturday, July 19- Optional lunch cruise aboard the Spirit of Norfolk.  The General meeting will be held in the afternoon.  The dinner and dance will feature the Glen Boswick Sound of Swing Orchestra in the evening.

Sunday, July 20- Farewell Breakfast.

I hope to see you there.  Please mail in your registration my June 10th 2014.  It is suggested to make your room reservations by June 1st 2014.

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