Obituary, Richard C. Plaggerman

From the Hinckley News, Hinckley MN

Richard C. Plaggerman was born in Maple Lake, Minn., on October 3, 1923 and grew to young manhood in the Hinckley community. He was inducted into the U.S. Navy on May 4, 1943 and on May 15, 1943 he was sent to Farragut, Idaho, for his boot training. In August of 1943 he was sent to San Diego, California, where he completed his course as a radarman. From there he was sent to Port Hueneme, California, and left for overseas service on October 15, 1943. When first sent overseas he was stationed in the Gilbert Islands doing radar work until April, of 1944, when he received his rating as second class petty officer and put aboard the U.S.S.Franklin. He served in five different invasions in the South Pacific before coming home November 30, 1944, while the ship was in for repairs.

While home on this leave, he was united in marriage to Miss Viola McDermeit, childhood sweetheart.

He left the states again on February 1, 1945, aboard the same ship, stopping in Hawaii for a few days further schooling in radar. From the Hawaiian Islands the ship left for the Pacific again and Richard was killed March 19, 1945, just off the coast of Japan, when the Franklin was hit by a bomb from a Jap plane while planes were taking off.

To Viola, and to the other surviving relatives, the community extends the deepest sympathy, , in the sad loss of this fine boy, who gave his life for his country.

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