O’CALLAHAN-GARY plaque at the Nimitz Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, TX.

Attached are pictures of the FRANKLIN plaque and my just arrived
O’CALLAHAN-GARY plaque, now hanging alongside on the memorial wall at
the Nimitz Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, TX.  Its been a long
time being made and delivered but finally it’s in place AND alongside

Thanks to Stefanie Stehling at the museum for helping me design and
procure the plaque, then shepherding its shipment and mounting… and
for making space on the wall alongside the FRANKLIN plaque to tie the
three ship stories together.

Godspeed to all of those who served in FRANKLIN, O’CALLAHAN, and GARY.

I hope this finds you all well. 

Best wishes always!

Gary Schnurrpusch
Honorary FRANKLIN Survivor; former CO USS O’CALLAHAN and USS GARY

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